Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to build a shed foundation?

A: You will need to build a shed foundation–or hire someone to do so–before your new shed can be put into place. A proper shed foundation is important for two main reasons. First, the shed needs to sit on a stable, level surface for the structure to remain stable and for the door to operate properly. Secondly, the shed needs to sit slightly off the ground to allow for proper water drainage and minimize moisture transfer from the ground to the shed structure.

Site preparation is not included in the price. We strongly recommend a level rock base using 3/4” or smaller crushed rock or gravel with an approximate depth of 4” and a minimum size of 1-2’ larger than the footprint of the shed on all sides (e.g., 10’x12’ building = 12’x14’ stone pad). 

NOTE: We do not recommend using cinder blocks as a base for your shed. The blocks tend to lift when the ground freezes and thaws resulting in your shed becoming unleveled.

*We are happy to recommend a company to help with this if you need it.


Q: Do I need a building permit?

A: It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain a permit from the town and/or HOA approval if needed prior to delivery.

Since all towns and associations are different, prior to purchasing a quality building from Guest House Sheds we recommend that you check for guidelines on setback requirements for your property.


Q: Do you come and check the property to see if the site can accommodate the shed?

A: You can request that we come and check your site if you have a question as to how a shed would be able to be installed on your property. If your site is within 15 miles of our office there will be no charge, however for sites that are a longer distance from our office there may be a fee that will be credited towards the cost of your shed purchase.

*Clearance for delivery:  The width and length of the shed should be considered when planning for delivery. We can maneuver in tight spaces with the help of our state of the art delivery equipment, but there needs to be adequate space for turn arounds and placement. Please consider the height of the shed when on the trailer as well when thinking about the approach. Trees and/or low branches can present a problem.


Q: How do you deliver my shed?

A: A heavy-duty pickup truck and tilt trailer powered by hydraulics especially designed to move sheds. We also use our “Mule” when needed! This is a specialized piece of equipment that allows us access to places that are difficult to deliver with the trailer alone.


Q: What is SmartTec Siding?

A: It is a highly engineered wood building product with a beautiful cedar grain texture. Shed walls made with SmartTec siding offer all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood, along with outstanding durability and they are treated for protection against rot and termites. Interior panels are finished with SilverTec, the ideal choice for sheds and workshops to keep stored items cooler and brighten the interior.


Q: How do I place an order?

A: Orders are placed by telephone or email or by stopping at our facility. We recommend calling ahead for an appointment 603-737-7433. A deposit of 50% is required when your order is placed.

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